Coming around in Diskobay

DiskolineIlulissat6726As on most parts of Greenland, there are no roads between settlement..
To come from one town to the next settlement or village, there are mainly three possibilities:
Hike the distance – if possible. It could be a long way on mainly unmarked paths, you’ll be prepared to cross boggy heather an grassland or stand before rivers an fjords difficult to pass.
In summer months the Diskoline ships try to link settlements, but there is a weekly schedule, different from day to day, no hips on Saturdays (2017). You have to book at or, during June to August maybe well in advance – end of May, beginning of June there seemed to be places left at all our tours.
But be prepared, the schedule often can’t be kept on. If there are too many icebergs, there will be delays or cancellations. At we got an SMS, when we had been rebooked (different boat, different route, different time, but at least we arrived in Aasiaat the same day as we had planned).
But it might not be a good idea to think of taking Diskoline the same day you booked the flight home.
Diskoline can’t go out in winter time, the sea is frozen. Then Air Greenland helicopters are overtaking the job. But they are quite expensive, we heard about locals, who had to spend 3000 DKK for a shopping tour return ticket in winter from Qasigiannguit to Ilulissat.
Longer distances to different towns are operated throughout the year Air Greenland planes.