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A photographic journey from Ushuaïa to the North will give you an idea of the splendid views Patagonia is eager to present to the traveller. Marvellous landscapes from National Parks and Reserves like Cape Horn, Pali Aike, Torres del Paine, Bernardo O’Higgins, Queulat, Pumalin, Villarica Conguillo in Chile and Tierra del Fuego, Perito Moreno, Nahuel Huapi, Los Glaciares, Los Alerces, Lago Puelo and Lanin in Argentina.


Snow, snow, snow…

2017-2018 is going to be THE snow event for the Swiss Inner Alps.
Here a few quick shots on our tours around Lantsch/Lenz, Davos, Bergün, Bivio, San Bernardino …

Morris Minor

On a campsite near Lake Manapouri, South Island, New Zealand an astonishing Morris Minor cemetery waited for a camera…



“Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction” (Wikipedia)
but it may although be a component of modern photography.

All prints approx. 60 x80 cm, behind Canson passe-partout 80 x 100 cm.


Where to stay in Madeira?
We have been for 4 week at Estrela da Calheta in Palheiro Cottage, really a very nice cottage and a perfect location. Highly recommandable!

Especially if you’re a sunset fan!
All sunsets below have been shot from the balcony of Palheiro Cottage!

The same iceberg seen over a week in Qasigiannguit

This iceberg, may 30 to 40 meters in height, stood just outside of Qasigiannguit for a week, drifting East, West , North or South with the winds.
One of the larger parts of it was to break away (see photo #5-) and we stood on the shore for about two hours. Finally clouds came in, the light wasn’t good anymore to take photographs, cold wind began to feel a bit frisky, and so we left around 9:40.
The iceberg crashed at 10:05…

Living in Greenland

Greenland’s inhabitants are habituated to the harsh climate.
They have their place in a society, where stress of everyday life is, if not absent, at least less present than in densely populated areas of Europe or the US.

And if there is work to be done, it will be done. But there is no hurry…

But there is also time for fun and joy…

Icebergs – monochrome

Kangia – the Icefiord is easily accessible from Ilulissat.
Either you’ll hike the yellow marked trailor you’ll choose to go out with a local boat or even take a short trip on board of a a Diskoline ferry, you’ll come across some marvellous views…

Métro de Paris

Underground stations in Paris: overcrowded most of the time, you need to visit the underground after 10:00 p.m.