Nordlys -Northern Lights – Nordlichter – Aurores boréales

Take-off into the aurora – Airport Lakselv

airport Lakselv

airport Lakselv


Northern Light on the shore of the artic fjord at Stabbursdalen and Lakselv


Northern Lights near Alta, Norway

To see northern lights, you need some luck:
Most important: No, or hardly any, clouds, as the aurorae are at a height of 80 km or even higher, so, there might well be excellent aurorae which a clouded sky will make unable to see.

It should be helpfull to be at high altitude, in a place without any city lights, but in these pictures there were some clouds and lights, and the northern lights were awesome.

If you visit you’ll find always a good hint about probability of aurorae within the next hour. Their tips are mostly very valuable.

Northerns Lights at Camping Tromsø

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