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Namibia – 2 Volumes

6 weeks in Namibia on our own. A Bushcamper from Bushlore took us steadily from Windhoek clockwise to Quivertree Forest, Fish River Canyon, Orange River – the border to South Africa – and then on the eastern side of Namib Desert from Rosh Pina to Aus, Lüderitz, Tiras, Namtib, Augures, Tsauchab River.
As everyone, but much longer than most tourists, we stopped in Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei, Hidden Vlei, Nara Vlei and Sesriem. Three days in the National Wildlife Resort have been a good choice.Further on, we stayed in Naukluft Range and on Spreetshogte Pass before going to Walvisbay – Pelican Point and Sandwich Harbour – an Blutkuppe.

The second volume continues along the coast to the furseal colony on Cape Cross, then inland attractions like Brandberg, Omadumba, Ameib, Spitzkoppe, Eileen, Ugab Terrace and Fingerklip. Final stops at Petrified Forest and Grotberg Pass before entering Etosha NWR!



Namibia Landscapes

Namibia – May / June 2016

A few Namibian landscapes, to give you an idea, what it was about!

Be aware that Namibia is close to the equator and sunrise as well sunset is a matter of a few minutes only. So the ideal moments to catch good landscape scenery are one to two hours after sunrise and before sunset. Pictures taken from 11 a.m to 2:30 p.m. will be rather flat, the sun standing just over your head and there will be no shadows giving some depth to your picture… Well, it will be to hot anyway during these hours, so, may be the best thing to do is to stay in the air conditioned car and drive to your next scenic spot