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Autumn in Finnmark, Norway

Late September is may be one of the best times to visit Northern Norway. Of course, there will be no midnight sun. But 12 hours of daylight is plenty enough to take some interesting photos.
The following pictures have been shot between Alta and Berlevåg.

And dont’t forget: It’s a good season to see Northern Lights. Have a look at my aurora pictures, if you’re interested…

Artic Fjord


Artic Fjord.
From Alta, continue E6 North.
Don’t opt for the Northcap, we had been there in 1981, but we didn’t find worth to travel all those many kilometers. The better option may be to follow E6 east at the crossing with road 94 (at Skaidi).
Norways only artic fjord is waiting for you, different in anyway to all the other Norwegian fjords…

If you have time, continue further on: Berlevåg is nearly as far north than Nordkappen, but you’ll find the way to Tanabru and and the road further on to the North direction Berlevåg is well worth to be done.