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Heavy Snowfall

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Vom Parkplatz zwischen Skittenelv und Oldervik führt eine äußerst beliebte Ski- und Schneeschuhroute hinauf zum Ulstinden. Zwar muss man ca 1000 m Höhenunterschied überwinden, doch der stetige, regelmäßige Anstieg bis auf 1080m ist weder technisch schwierig noch unter normalen Verhältnissen lawinengefährlich.

Wir starteten am Parkplatz bei -11°. Beim Durchqueren des Wäldchens war der Wind noch mäßig, wurde aber, je höher wir kamen, immer stärker. Demnach war die gefühlte Kälte am Gipfel beträchtlich, und das Fotoshooting dort auch entsprechend kurz.

Die herrliche Aussicht – besonders auf die Lyngenalpen – lohnt auf jeden Fall.

Makenfjellet, Ringvassøya

First we intended to climb on snow shoes Breitinden, 860 m, on Ringvassøya island. But the steep climb from the power station along the water pipeline up to the dam was fare from easy with the 50 cm layer of fresh snow fallen over the last 24 hours. In fact, after a climb of 150 m we found, it would be to dangerous to continue. So we turned around and from the power station we took out for Makenfjellet.

The first part was along the crouss country track to Ringvassbu, then up to Makenfjellet, where we got fantastic views of immaculate snow covered scenery.

From Tromsø to Breivikeidet

The weather forecast was right, unfortunately… A thick layer of clouds is covering the mountains. Even if it’s not raining or snowing, it’s sightseeing time: from Tromsø E8 South, then direction Breivikeidet, from where the ferry leaves to Svensby, Lyngen.

From Tisnes to Sommarøya

When we arrived again at the parking lot after our snowshoe tour to Litje Blåmannen, it was really to early to claim, the days was all over.

The fiine weather made us choose the way to Tisnes, then we took the road around Kvaløya along the south-eastern shore,. Magnificent view to the North coast of Malangen.

Kvaløya – South

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Litje Blåmannen

Near Håkøybotn there is a large parking area at the start of the illuminated cross country ski track. The snowshoe and ski route starts upwards alond the power line, then straight to the radar station, which is not the summit of Little Blamannen. You’ll have to go for another maybe 100 m to reach the summit. There is no great risk of avalanches. The slope is under 30°.

From here it is well worth to continue over the high plateau, slightly descending some 50 m and after an ascent of again 50 m you’ll reach Ståløver where you have a stunning view.

Northern Lights

Chasing Northern Lights is always an exciting thing to do. First: Look out the window… Are the a lot of clouds? Or do we have a clear sky? The effects on solar winds produce auroras at 80 to 150 km, so low hanging clouds make it impossible to see them, even if they are there.

But even if the sky clears up, northern lights aren’t granted for…

This evening, we had been lucky!



Zwei Wochen im traumhaften Troms Fylke.
Nicht die Stadt Tromsø sondern Kvaløya und Ringvassøya waren die Hauptziele der Reise.