August 2016

Walvis Bay and Sandwich Harbour

Consider to take a day to do the Marine Cruise (we were lucky to be only 6 people on the Mola-Mola boat!) to view fur seals, pelicans, dolphins…
and to spend the afternoon on a 4×4 dune tour to Sandwich Harbour.
… and don’t forget to order some fresh oysters in the restaurant The Raft on the waterfront!
They are among the best we have ever eaten!

  • Flamingos... the pink chicks from Walvis Bay
  • Salt harvesting
  • Sandwich Harbour

Belval / Esch-sur-Alzette

Studying, living, shopping where blast furnaces once stood

Esch/Belval, a site where for all the years of my childhood blast-furnaces and steel-mills stood as major landmarks to Luxembourg second largest city, this skyline now has changed.
Not only the campus of University Luxembourg has established here, but living quarters as well as cultural life have moved in, shops, cinema, Rockhal, hotels, schools, … and there is more to come!

Namibia Landscapes

Namibia – May / June 2016

A few Namibian landscapes, to give you an idea, what it was about!

Be aware that Namibia is close to the equator and sunrise as well sunset is a matter of a few minutes only. So the ideal moments to catch good landscape scenery are one to two hours after sunrise and before sunset. Pictures taken from 11 a.m to 2:30 p.m. will be rather flat, the sun standing just over your head and there will be no shadows giving some depth to your picture… Well, it will be to hot anyway during these hours, so, may be the best thing to do is to stay in the air conditioned car and drive to your next scenic spot