Ploumanac’h: First photo shooting 2021

2021/01/01 at 10 a.m. near the Parking du Sémaphore…
We have been very lucky, only 10 minutes later, and clouds covered the sun for the rest of the morning!

The Guardians of the Island of Millau

The Castel is located between the Pointe de Bihit and the port of Trébeurden opposite the island of Millau and is a hill made of granite and green.
On its southwest side you can discover a rock that, shaped by the elements, shows a colossus, a figure with a shadowy eyebrow, to which has been given the name of “Père Trébeurden”.

Other rocks can, depending on the angle of view and the sunshine of the moment, conjure up imposing figures like the sculptures of Easter Island. I took the liberty of finding a name for them …


Côte de Granite Rose

On December 20th, you can take pictures in a lovely morning light even if you are not a fanatical early riser, provided the weather is okay.
Ploumanac’h, probably one of France’s most popular photo locations!


Saint Louis, Réunion Island

Landscapes – Ile de la Réunion

Île de la Réunion

Nature Art

Ile de la Réunion

Piton de la Fournaise

Lava flow of Piton de la Fournaise

Côte d’Albâtre

From Etrétat to Fécamp, from Quiberville to Veules-les-Roses and further on to the North the white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast attract lost of tourists. It is possible to walk and hike along the cliffs on the top as well to get challenged by the pebbles along the shore. Both are well worth the effort.

However you’ll have to take care. In regular landslide there may be tonnes of rock coming down unexpectedly. So don’t either get too close to the cliffs as well on top as well as on the bottom. A good photographic shot isn’t wort the danger!

On the other hand you’ll have to keep in mind the high tide times: Along the shore several passages are blocked by hides, you you wouldn’t like to find yourself blocked on your left and on your right, facing the still incoming tide…