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Kvannfjellet – Malangen

We started for our today’s snowshoe tour in Malangen. From Kvaløya there is a tunnel (toll road) to Malangen. Then you drive along the west-coast. We parked the car near Fkjellskardal. From the road we took through the forest North-East. We passed point 490 am and point 516 m, but the way to Kvannfjellet wasn’t easy to find.

The weater forecast had been rather optimistic, with some sunshine, but at 500 m a.s.l. impossible to see anything else than white… With the avanlanche risk being as it was, we thought it would be too dangerous to continue in unknown terrain and we turned around.

Even then we had some difficulties to find our own tracks down. We never got lost, but…
Once again on the coastal road back to the tunnel, we managed however to get a few nice shots…

20190315Kvaloya 5DS2169
20190315Kvaloya DSC9858
20190315Kvaloya NIK7401
20190315Kvaloya NIK7419
20190315Kvaloya NIK7428
20190315Kvaloya NIK7416

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