Super Earth Pyramids

Erdpyramiden in Platten

Earth Pyramids at Platten

Approach from Bruneck towards Innichen / Toblach. At the entrance to Percha turn left towards Oberwielenbach. There are some chargeable parking spaces available. P2 should be the most interesting for visiting.

On an extremely well maintained footpath (interesting for children too) you walk upwards with medium effort for some 30 minutes, before you arrive to three secured platform with excellent views to the pyramids.

Same way back, the round trip being closed due to damages caused by heavy rain.

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Up to Piz da Peres

Parking below the Plan de Corones on the Furkelsattel, 1759 m. From here, take trail N ° 3 to the Dreifingerscharte (Three Fingers Pass). At first it’s an easy forest trail, going up and down, then it gets steeper and steeper up to the pass. In principle, this is a good hiking trail – just before the pass the trail had been washed away by heavy rain. However, a lot of work has been done to allow hikers to get safely to Dreifingerscharte without having to climb.

Piz da Peres

Piz da Peres, an exciting descent …

From the Dreifingerscharte we follow the path on our right towards Piz de Peres, 2507 m.

It’a a gentle walk to the top, all the more interesting the business presents itself on the north side (the black and white photo above) and on the west side, through which we descend. You lose altitude quickly, but you’ll need to have a firm foot and sturdy shoes are welcome too.

20211004 113321 5DS8830 West of Piz da Peres
20211004 113321 5DS8830 Kopie
20211004_113321_5DS8830 West of Piz da Peres
20211004_113321_5DS8830 Kopie
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Bormio and around – color

DSC5637 Kopie Steinbock
Young Ibex

Bormio and Corona

The decision to travel to Bormio was made more or less out of necessity: At this time, Switzerland required people arriving from Luxembourg to be quarantined for ten days by corona. That seemed to us to be highly unsuitable for our hiking ambitions in the wonderful summer weather.

5DS6121 F
Sunset view from Andreas apartment over Bormio,
Val di Dentro on the left, Passo Stelvio on the right

Monte Gavia

That’s when the idea came up: “Let’s go to Italy!” A destination was found quickly and a nice AirBnB apartment Chalet Casericc awaited us at Andrea’s, on the slope to Bormio 2000.
A little over two weeks with great hikes between Umbrailpass, Stilfser Joch, Passo Gavia and Fuorcla di Livigno!

5DS6048 F
From Piz Umbrail view towards Lai da Rims, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland
Old barracks seen from Punta di Rims
Passo Zebrú
Bernina mountains partially clouded
View from
Piz la Stretta, Monte Breva or Somp i Crap Neir,
three different names for the same mountain
3105 m
5DS6283 F
5DS6250 Pano copy
Passo Stelvio
Summer skiing on the glacier…
For how long will it be possible?