Chamanna Jenatsch – Autumn is coming

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On September 28, 2021, it didn’t look like autumn when we crossed the Fuorcla d’Agnel … although, up there at 3000 m, it’s always windy, but on this early afternoon an icy, but tight breeze made it the wrong time and place for t-shirts and shorts.
But the view was extremely clear, from the slope of Piz Traunter Ovas, the glacial lake of Vadret d’Agnel and Piz Picuogl shone in colors that feeled surreal.

Chamanna Jenatsch – autumn is coming!

The following morning, at sunrise, however, the landscape had put on winter clothes …
The Chamanna Jenatsch was covered with a trail of fresh snow overnight been.

Sugared with a few centimeters of snow above 2300 m, it was time for a real sweater and warmer pants.

Around noon, however, almost all white had disappeared again, and we made our way back into the valley, towards Spinas.

Marmot, at the track to Chamanna Jenatsch

You can usually hear the marmots before you see them … or to put it another way: The upright hiking Homo Sapiens in his colorful hiking clothes is far more visible in the barren mountain landscape than the curious, but well camouflaged, marmots.
Several shrill whistles warn the family members, that danger is approaching in their territory. A single whistle, however, indicates that the danger is imminent, e.g. that an eagle is approaching in a dive …

Mungg 6267
Mungg 6265
Mungg 6264

If the marmots continued to eat without sounding the alarm, the overwhelming number of hikers would walk past them without seeing them … Eagle, wolf, fox or dog, however, could not be dissuaded to prey on them so easily.

Mungg, Muntanella, Marmotte, Murmeltier, Marmot

Mungg, Muntanella, Marmotte, Murmeltier, Marmot … never mind the language… they are at least as curious as you are!

We met this curious fellow – on the way to the Jenatsch hut on the ascent from Julier Pass road to Fuorcla d’Agnel, observed around 10 a.m. …

By the way: on warm summer days the marmots take a siesta during the hot lunchtime … They do like to sunbathe, but they don’t like too much heat and prefer their shady burrow.

Here you’ll find some more photos with Marmots at Jenatschhütte

Milky streams around Chamanna Jenatsch

Milky streams, no mystery…

If you walk down from Fuorcla d’Agnel to Glacier Lake of the Vadret d’Agnel and further to the SAC hut Chamanna Jenatsch, you come across small mountain streams (as with other hikes in this area), some of which have milky waters: the white streams; the scientific explanations can be found at:

& nbsp; v = Ymey1jDvMj0

Also in the news at the kitchen table of the Jenatsch hut his phenomenon has already been discussed …

The colorful yellow, brown and red tones of Piz Traunter Ovas and Piz Picuol are due to the sulphurous rock.

A hike of about 3 hours leads from the parking lot below the Hospizio La Veduta on the Julier Pass road from 2205 m above sea level, crossing to the North at Fuorcla d’Agnel 2990 m above sea level and down to the turquoise glacial lake of the Vadret d’Agnel.
From here it’s still a good half hour to the Jenatschhütte .

weisse Baeche
Weisser Bach vor dem Piz Traunter Ovas
Weisser Bach Piz Traunter Ovas 8189
Piz Picuol 8197
From the glacier lake North of Vadret d’Agnel the track leads down to Chamanna Jenatsch (70 beds)
Chamanna Jenatsch
Chamanna Jenatsch, on the left Piz Picuogl

Calderas Gletscherloch


Der Piz Calderas zählt neben der Tschima da Flix, dem Piz d’Err, Piz Picuogl, Piz Traunter Ovas zu den Gipfeln, die man ab der Jenatschhütte SAC besteigen kann. Auch für Skitouren sind einige dieser Gipfel lohnenswert.

Für Tschima da Flix und Piz Calderas erfolgt der Aufstieg über den (leider schwindenden) Calderas-Gletscher.

In der Zwischensaison, am 23. Juni 2020 sehen wir, wie das Gletscherseeli vor dem Gletscherloch sich langsam von Schnee und Eis befreit…

Infos zur Chamanna Jenatsch (Jenatschhütte)

Hiking around Chamanna Jenatsch

New photos from hikes around Chamanna Jenatsch -September, 2020

Chamanna Jenatsch / Jenatschhütte

Piz Bever on the right, Piz Oth at the end of the valley
view from the kitchen of Chamanna Jenatsch
Panorama Gletschersee Vadret Agnel
Glacier Lake Vadret d’Agnel
Piz Traunter Ovas seen from Fuorcla da Flix
5DS6581 PanoNik
5DS6568 PanoNik
Piz Traunter Ovas seen from Fuorcla Suvretta
Traunter Ovas
IMG 20200904 142503
Arch not far from the hiking trail between the road from the Julier Pass to Fuocla d’Agnel

Don’t miss:
Project UND ENDLICH at the arch
Installation: August 19 – September24. – 2021

Piz Julier
seen from Fuorcla Suvretta
5DS6400 Pano
Having passed the arch we arrived at Pass Leget

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Tschima da Flix

July, 5th, 2019. We hiked from Chamanna Jenatsch along the Agnel Glacier to the pass caaled Fuorcla de Flix. From this point you already have a marvellous view over the valley Surses. Even if there are some patches of snow, you could already descend to (or ascend from the Fuorcle d’Agnel to) Marmorera or Alp Flix. For some hikers, it might have been tiring enough, so they could turn around and head back to de Chamanna Jenatsch.

But the inferior summit Tschmia da Flix is only 250 m up, and rather easy going. So we made it to the point 3301m. From here you have the Tschima da Flix in good view, and, what’s much better, a stunning view to the Bernina Mountains.
Just below your feet you see the Calderas Glacier, Piz Calderas 3397 m is just behind!

Changing weather conditions…

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20190622Jenatsch20190624 NIK8377
20190620Jenatsch NIK8321 copy
NIK8375 2

To be in the mountains, to come to Chamanna Jenatsch… and to have perfect weather conditions, blue sky, sunshine, no breeze… that’s what most hikers want.

But if unfortunately you have done the hike, with clouds blocking the views to the summits, or even fog coming in… well, maybe you are a photographer and you’ll be able to take some shots the sunshine most paperazzi will not get!


Since end of Junne 2019 Jill Lucas and Dani Sidler are the new wardens and managers of the mountain hut Jenatsch (Chamanna Jenatsch) .

More information about opening times and facilitiesn on their website

20190620Jenatsch NIK8301
Die Chamanna Jenatsch early morning June 20th, 2019

Chamanna Jenatsch is located in the municipality Bever (Kanton Graubünden) at 2653 m.
The shortest way in is a hike from Julierpass just below the Hospizio La Veduta. Starting at 2200 m you’ll have to cross Fuorcla d’Agnel, a hiking pass at 2980 m. Count about 4 hours, depending on your fitness…
It will take a bit longer ( 4 1/2 hours) from RhB-Station Spinas situated at 1815 m., but the hike is easier .
Keep in mind that this route is closed in winter and spring, due to avalanche danger.

More on Chamanna Jenatsch.

Marmots at Chamanna Jenatsch

During your hike to Chamanna Jenatsch you’ll be aware of marmots whistling. The little guys never forget to warn all other animals from approaching danger…

The marmots living around Chamanna Jenatsch are less frightened, due to regular presents of hikers. So, maybe, you’ll take your camera and you’ll try to get a good picture!