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Milky streams around Chamanna Jenatsch

Milky streams, no mystery…

If you walk down from Fuorcla d’Agnel to Glacier Lake of the Vadret d’Agnel and further to the SAC hut Chamanna Jenatsch, you come across small mountain streams (as with other hikes in this area), some of which have milky waters: the white streams; the scientific explanations can be found at:

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Also in the news at the kitchen table of the Jenatsch hut his phenomenon has already been discussed …

The colorful yellow, brown and red tones of Piz Traunter Ovas and Piz Picuol are due to the sulphurous rock.

A hike of about 3 hours leads from the parking lot below the Hospizio La Veduta on the Julier Pass road from 2205 m above sea level, crossing to the North at Fuorcla d’Agnel 2990 m above sea level and down to the turquoise glacial lake of the Vadret d’Agnel.
From here it’s still a good half hour to the Jenatschhütte .

weisse Baeche
Weisser Bach vor dem Piz Traunter Ovas
Weisser Bach Piz Traunter Ovas 8189
Piz Picuol 8197
From the glacier lake North of Vadret d’Agnel the track leads down to Chamanna Jenatsch (70 beds)
Chamanna Jenatsch
Chamanna Jenatsch, on the left Piz Picuogl

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