North of Tromsø, between Skittenelv et Oldersvik, just before the left turn into Olderviksdalen, there is a big parking lot, where we start to Ulstinden. It was -11°C when we started , wind wasn’t too much of a problem, but once we came out of the small forest into the open, the wind speed increased continuously. The closer we came to the summit – at 1080 m, – the colder it was. So the photo shooting on the top was quickly done!

But the views where stunning, especially towards the Lyngenalps.

Heavy Snowfall

20190312Kvaloya NIK7274
20190312Kvaloya NIK7263
20190312Kvaloya NIK7229
20190312Kvaloya NIK7238 copy
20190312Kvaloya NIK7236
20190312Kvaloya NIK7284
20190312Kvaloya NIK7264
20190312Kvaloya NIK7269
20190312Kvaloya NIK7268
20190312Kvaloya NIK7229

Aurora borealis in Kvaløya

Chasing Northern Lights is always an exciting thing to do. First: Look out the window… Are the a lot of clouds? Or do we have a clear sky? The effects on solar winds produce auroras at 80 to 150 km, so low hanging clouds make it impossible to see them, even if they are there.But even if the sky clears up, northern lights aren’t granted for…

This evening, we had been lucky!




We take road E8 from Tromsø to the South. Between Hundbergan and Fagernes there is a signpost “ASKO” to the left. The road leads to a parking lot, from where we start our snowshoe tour to Tromdalstinden.

First North-East under the powerline, then before crossing Eliaselva, North-West straight upwards!
In fact we don’t intend to go to the summit. Avanlache risk is important, and there is a lot of fresh snow… So we have decided to go until we reach the pass at Salen, but we continue for an other 100 m uphill to get a better view of Tromsø.

From Tisnes to Sommarøya

When we arrived again at the parking lot after our snowshoe tour to Litje Blåmannen, it was really to early to claim, the days was all over.

The fiine weather made us choose the way to Tisnes, then we took the road around Kvaløya along the south-eastern shore,. Magnificent view to the North coast of Malangen

Kvaløya – South

Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South
Kvaløya – South


Our last tour on snowshoes is Skulgamtinden on Ringvassøya island. We park the car along the road 863, near Gårdselva.

Click on the image for more views.

Right from there the route starts straight upwards, between
Gammelgårdsfjellet and point 328 m, then to the top at 824 m: Skulgamtinden. Snowdrifts at the northeastern side of Skulgamtinden are hudge! Now we have to be carefull to cross the last 100 meters of the ridge. Although both side where steep, and avalanche risk is to be considered, we have a space about 8 to 10 meters, large enough to cross over to the view point.

Stunning view to Kløftinden and Breifjellet!

Makfjellet, Ringvassøya

20190310Kvaloya DSC9731 Pano

First we intended to climb on snow shoes Breitinden, 860 m, on Ringvassøya island. But the steep climb from the power station along the water pipeline up to the dam was fare from easy with the 50 cm layer of fresh snow fallen over the last 24 hours. In fact, after a climb of 150 m we found, it would be to dangerous to continue. So we turned around and from the power station we took out for Makfjellet.
The first part was along the crouss country track to Ringvassbu, then up to Makenfjellet, where we got fantastic views of immaculate snow covered scenery.

20190310Kvaloya DSC9715

20190310Kvaloya 5DS1945

Litje Blåmannen

Near Håkøybotn there is a large parking area at the start of the illuminated cross country ski track. The snowshoe and ski route starts upwards alond the power line, then straight to the radar station, which is not the summit of Little Blamannen. You’ll have to go for another maybe 100 m to reach the summit. There is no great risk of avalanches. The slope is under 30°.

From here it is well worth to continue over the high plateau, slightly descending some 50 m and after an ascent of again 50 m you’ll reach Ståløver where you have a stunning view.

20190308Kvaloya 5DS1899 Pano copy


When you follow on the Eastern coast of Kvaløya at the bridge to Tromsø some ten kilometers to the Nort, you’ll cross a small bridge over Krabbelv. It’s approximately midway between Sandnessundet and the tunnel to Ringvassøya. The river Krabbelv was covered with lots of snow and coul not be seen. There was a parking lot just beyond the bridge. You can hardly miss it.

You may either start your hike on the left or the right side of the river. As there where no tracks, we chose the right river side (i.e. the shore on the left, seen from the road). After an hours walk through 40-50 cm of fresh snow, we saw at least the track of a motoscooter on the left riverside. We had no problem to cross in deep snow to reach it. But the track didn’t help us for long.The way to Slattåsen was again through deep snow. but managed to make it til Slattåsen. There we left the valley to walk up to Krakenesaksla at 360 m. We arrived just in time, before fog covered the whole landscape around…

20190316Kvaloya DSC9903
20190316Kvaloya DSC9887
20190316Kvaloya DSC9873
20190316Kvaloya DSC9880
20190316Kvaloya DSC9900
20190316Kvaloya 5DS2198

Kvannfjellet – Malangen

We started for our today’s snowshoe tour in Malangen. From Kvaløya there is a tunnel (toll road) to Malangen. Then you drive along the west-coast. We parked the car near Fkjellskardal. From the road we took through the forest North-East. We passed point 490 am and point 516 m, but the way to Kvannfjellet wasn’t easy to find.

The weater forecast had been rather optimistic, with some sunshine, but at 500 m a.s.l. impossible to see anything else than white… With the avanlanche risk being as it was, we thought it would be too dangerous to continue in unknown terrain and we turned around.

Even then we had some difficulties to find our own tracks down. We never got lost, but…
Once again on the coastal road back to the tunnel, we managed however to get a few nice shots…

20190315Kvaloya 5DS2169
20190315Kvaloya DSC9858
20190315Kvaloya NIK7401
20190315Kvaloya NIK7406
20190315Kvaloya NIK7419
20190315Kvaloya NIK7428
20190315Kvaloya NIK7416
20190315Kvaloya NIK7409


Two weeks in wonderful Troms Fylke.
Not Tromsø City but the islands Kvaløya and Ringvassøya where our destination this time.

We stayed for 2 weeks in Klara and Raymond’s cabin, well cabin might be an understatement, it’s a superb wooden house, more than perfect for 2 people, but a family with two teenagers would have plenty of space too.

Northern lights near Ersforden

We have been lucky with the Northern Lights.

The first 4 photos have been taken a day before full moon, the last 3 a few dayys earlier on the road to Sommaroya with views to the mountains illuminated by street lights of Ersfordbotn.

Von Tromsø nach Breivikeidet

The weather forecast was right, unfortunately… A thick layer of clouds is covering the mountains. Even if it’s not raining or snowing, it’s sightseeing time: from Tromsø E8 South, then direction Breivikeidet, from where the ferry leaves to Svensby, Lyngen.

Grønnlibruna with snowshoes

The avalanche risk was rather important, that’s why we chose the easy height of Grønnlibruna, starting from Hakøybotn.

No tracks, 30 – 40 cm of fresh snow, fine powder! Especially the little climb to the height was somewhat tiring. The icy wind blowing into our faces didn’t make it much better. So we decided to turn around, once we had reached the ridge an had got a nice view southwards.

20190314Kvaloya DSC9836
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2100
20190314Tromstind 5DS2104 copy
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2144
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2112
20190314Tromstind 5DS2125 copy
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2139
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2123
20190314Tromstind DSC9829
20190314Tromstind DSC9828