Inside Passage: Port Hardy – Prince Ruppert

From Port Hardy to Prince Ruppert – BC Ferries are taking passengers and cars through the Inside Passage.

Fog over Port Hardy on the day before our scheduled departure. The ferry left early morning, and again there was plenty of fog as the ship got out of the small harbour.

Fortunately the sun came through half an hour later and we enjoyed two thirds of the Inside Passage crossing in the sunshine. Closer to Prince Ruppert some clouds appeared, but on general consideration, we had best views all along the way.

There were often whales close enough to be seen around, but unfortunately to far away to take pictures…

Rainforest Vancouver Island

When he heard, that we intended to visit Vancouver Island, one of my friends said: “Well, you’ll see a lot of trees!” and he was right. On Vancouver Islands as well as in all British Columbia, we’ve seen more and bigger trees than ever. The most beautiful one’s being 1000, some even 1500 or 2000 years old.