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Shooting photos is part of my life, just as I’m eating, drinking, hiking, reading.
My first work consisted of slide photography, and, comparing my results with those of professionals, I was soon engaged in trying to improve my technique.
That’s what led me to other photographers – printing on paper was a challenge to take up. And that was the start of two decades of monochrome photography. Around 1996 planning our first trip to Iceland, I thought of some subjects, which needed more than black and white, and since this time my work consists of both, monochrome and colour photography.

Taking photos is not just bound to the shooting moment…
As a photographer I have to

  • think about what I want to shoot
  • find the right place and angle
  • research for the best time of the year, the best hour of the day to save the image on film or memory card
  • develop the photo

Developing is a very important step, that neither film nor sensor can manage. The human eyes are in connection to human brains multitasking and extremely fast – except for the detailed sharpness of modern lenses (and therefor your optician sells conveniently excellent glasses) your camera can’t be as performant as your eyes.

In matter of light and dark contrasts, close-up and far away subjects, the human eye can focus very quickly from one to the other, and your on-board computer is instantly reassembling these different pictures into one view.

The same workflow either in the darkroom or on the screen will take much more time…

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