The mystic Guardians of the Island of Milliau

Have a look at the mystic guardians of Island of Milliau!

The Castel is located between the Pointe de Bihit and the port of Trébeurden opposite the island of Milliau and is a hill made of granite and green.
On its southwest side you can discover a rock that, shaped by the elements, shows a colossus, a figure with a shadowy eyebrow, to which has been given the name of “Père Trébeurden”.

Other rocks can, depending on the angle of view and the sunshine of the moment, conjure up imposing figures like the sculptures of Easter Island. I took the liberty of finding a name for them …


Ploumanac’h – Côte de Granite Rose

Lighthouse Ploumanac’h

Ploumanac’h, December 20, 2020, photos taken in the morning – even if you’re not a fanatic early bird, just be there around 9 a.m., weather permitting. It wasn’t a stormy day, but a sustained northwesterly wind provided some nice waves, which came to break on the pink granite rocks.
Ploumanac’h , probably one of the most popular photo sites in France!