Coastal views of Brittany

Trestrignel Beach
near Pointe du Château
Ile Grande - Est
Ile Grande
De l'Îl Renote
Perros-Guirec - Lever de soleil
Plage de Trestrignel
Plage de Trégastel
Maison entre les Roches
De l'Île Grande au lever de soleil
Ile Grande - Ouest
Basse mer, vue de l'ìle Renote, Trégastel
Buguélès, près de Port Blanc
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Not only the pink boulders of the Côte de Granite Rose are interesting motifs for photographers. Time and again, especially at sunrise, there are coastal landscapes that lead to new images.

Whether you are travelling east or west from Perros-Guirec, depending on the tides, there are always new views of coastal landscapes where, even if you have been here many times before, something new appears in the camera viewfinder.

Trégastel, Ploumanac’h and Ile Grande

Pink Granite at Trégastel


Big waves at Ploumanac’h lighthouse

Another trip to the Pink Granite Coast with mostly south-westerly winds, which means mostly calm seas and little hope of taking pictures with powerful waves…
We did have one day of westerly wind though…
The lighthouse of Ploumanac’h gave us the opportunity to take a boat trip.

20211228_133310_NIK3394 BW

More heavy weather photos here!

Île Grande au lever de soleil

Les prévisions météo n’étaient pas optimistes… Tout au plus quelques rayons de soleil entre 9 et 11 heures. Le lever du soleil a donné lieu à de superbes ambiances alors que la marée descendait. Il a effectivement plu quelques gouttes vers 11 heures. Nous n’avons pas été vraiment mouillés et nous étions heureux que les deux heures de marche autour de l’île Grande nous aient permis de faire une bonne séance photo…

Île Grande

IleGrande 3522

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The pink granite blocks of Brittany

In Brittany, the large granite boulders around Ploumanac’h and Trégastel are always interesting subjects for the photographer… and this regardless of the weather. As the views and accessibility change a lot depending on the tide level, it may be advisable to stay around for several weeks in order to get the best out of the area…

Tides in Brittany

It is therefore essential to consult the tidescharts here or here, as many large rocks are only accessible at low tide, and the return by high tide often becomes impossible more quickly than one would think…

The mystic Guardians of the Island of Milliau

Have a look at the mystic guardians of Island of Milliau!

The Castel is located between the Pointe de Bihit and the port of Trébeurden opposite the island of Milliau and is a hill made of granite and green.
On its southwest side you can discover a rock that, shaped by the elements, shows a colossus, a figure with a shadowy eyebrow, to which has been given the name of “Père Trébeurden”.

Other rocks can, depending on the angle of view and the sunshine of the moment, conjure up imposing figures like the sculptures of Easter Island. I took the liberty of finding a name for them …


Ploumanac’h – Côte de Granite Rose

Lighthouse Ploumanac’h

Ploumanac’h, December 20, 2020, photos taken in the morning – even if you’re not a fanatic early bird, just be there around 9 a.m., weather permitting. It wasn’t a stormy day, but a sustained northwesterly wind provided some nice waves, which came to break on the pink granite rocks.
Ploumanac’h , probably one of the most popular photo sites in France!