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Trégastel B&W

20201226 130031 NIK2433 BW
20201227 155656 NIK2447 BW
20201226 120636 NIK2412 BW
20201226 120539 NIK2408 BW 1
Côte de Granite Rose
20201226 115901 NIK2395 copy BW 1
20201226 115809 NIK2391 BW
20201226 121409 NIK2419 BW
20201226 121525 NIK2421 BW
20201226 122440 NIK2423 BW 1

The Côte du Granite Rose seenthrough photos in Trégastel in Black and White.
Despite the name, it was a challenge to capture the pink rocks in B&W. Shots taken around Christmas 2020.

If you are lucky with the light, at least this time of year there are no problems with the multitudes of tourists in your picture.

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