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Coastal views of Brittany

Trestrignel Beach
near Pointe du Château
Ile Grande - Est
Ile Grande
De l'Îl Renote
Perros-Guirec - Lever de soleil
Plage de Trestrignel
Plage de Trégastel
Maison entre les Roches
De l'Île Grande au lever de soleil
Ile Grande - Ouest
Basse mer, vue de l'ìle Renote, Trégastel
Buguélès, près de Port Blanc
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Not only the pink boulders of the Côte de Granite Rose are interesting motifs for photographers. Time and again, especially at sunrise, there are coastal landscapes that lead to new images.

Whether you are travelling east or west from Perros-Guirec, depending on the tides, there are always new views of coastal landscapes where, even if you have been here many times before, something new appears in the camera viewfinder.

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