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Grønnlibruna with snowshoes

The avalanche risk was rather important, that’s why we chose the easy height of Grønnlibruna, starting from Hakøybotn.

No tracks, 30 – 40 cm of fresh snow, fine powder! Especially the little climb to the height was somewhat tiring. The icy wind blowing into our faces didn’t make it much better. So we decided to turn around, once we had reached the ridge an had got a nice view southwards.

20190314Kvaloya DSC9836
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2100
20190314Tromstind 5DS2104 copy
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2112
20190314Tromstind 5DS2125 copy
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2139
20190314Kvaloya 5DS2123
20190314Tromstind DSC9829
20190314Tromstind DSC9828

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