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When you follow on the Eastern coast of Kvaløya at the bridge to Tromsø some ten kilometers to the Nort, you’ll cross a small bridge over Krabbelv. It’s approximately midway between Sandnessundet and the tunnel to Ringvassøya. The river Krabbelv was covered with lots of snow and coul not be seen. There was a parking lot just beyond the bridge. You can hardly miss it.

You may either start your hike on the left or the right side of the river. As there where no tracks, we chose the right river side (i.e. the shore on the left, seen from the road). After an hours walk through 40-50 cm of fresh snow, we saw at least the track of a motoscooter on the left riverside. We had no problem to cross in deep snow to reach it. But the track didn’t help us for long.The way to Slattåsen was again through deep snow. but managed to make it til Slattåsen. There we left the valley to walk up to Krakenesaksla at 360 m. We arrived just in time, before fog covered the whole landscape around…

20190316Kvaloya DSC9903
20190316Kvaloya DSC9873
20190316Kvaloya DSC9880
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