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Marmot, at the track to Chamanna Jenatsch

You can usually hear the marmots before you see them … or to put it another way: The upright hiking Homo Sapiens in his colorful hiking clothes is far more visible in the barren mountain landscape than the curious, but well camouflaged, marmots.
Several shrill whistles warn the family members, that danger is approaching in their territory. A single whistle, however, indicates that the danger is imminent, e.g. that an eagle is approaching in a dive …

Mungg 6267
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If the marmots continued to eat without sounding the alarm, the overwhelming number of hikers would walk past them without seeing them … Eagle, wolf, fox or dog, however, could not be dissuaded to prey on them so easily.

Mungg, Muntanella, Marmotte, Murmeltier, Marmot

Mungg, Muntanella, Marmotte, Murmeltier, Marmot … never mind the language… they are at least as curious as you are!

We met this curious fellow – on the way to the Jenatsch hut on the ascent from Julier Pass road to Fuorcla d’Agnel, observed around 10 a.m. …

By the way: on warm summer days the marmots take a siesta during the hot lunchtime … They do like to sunbathe, but they don’t like too much heat and prefer their shady burrow.

Here you’ll find some more photos with Marmots at Jenatschhütte

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