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Landscapes – Ile de la Réunion

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Île de la Réunion

Hiking Ile de la Réunion is superbe.
You’ll get fantastic scenery by hiking to Piton de la Fournaise, Piton des Neiges, Maïdo, Trou de Fer, Bois court, cap Noir, Taibit and et lot more.

In fact, most of these are not easy walks: first of all, the terrain is very often rather steep, the marked routes not always being easy ones. Be aware, that during the days it will get warm, clouds will come in during the day.
So be prepared to start very early in the morning, so, depending on the hike, you’ll be back for lunch…

October and November might be one of best periods to go… although lychees an mangos ripen in December and January. Unfortunately with the hottest months the risk of bad weather and severe storm is increasing…

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