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Côte d’Albâtre

From Etrétat to Fécamp, from Quiberville to Veules-les-Roses and further on to the North the white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast attract lost of tourists. It is possible to walk and hike along the cliffs on the top as well to get challenged by the pebbles along the shore. Both are well worth the effort.

However you’ll have to take care. In regular landslide there may be tonnes of rock coming down unexpectedly. So don’t either get too close to the cliffs as well on top as well as on the bottom. A good photographic shot isn’t wort the danger!

On the other hand you’ll have to keep in mind the high tide times: Along the shore several passages are blocked by hides, you you wouldn’t like to find yourself blocked on your left and on your right, facing the still incoming tide…

2019Etrétat NIK7892
2019Etrétat NIK7901
2019Etrétat NIK7979
2019Fécamp NIK7792
2019Etrétat NIK7823
2019Cote Albatre NIK8000
2019Etrétat NIK7842
Etrétat côte d'Albâtre

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