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National Park Krka

Like the Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park is a well-known and much-loved destination, but its magnificent waterfalls have fallen victim to the constant flow of tourists… Scenes from Karl May’s film adaptations have been shot here, which, after all, always guarantees a crowd of curious onlookers!

On 15 May 2023, our first visit to Krka National Park was scheduled. From Skradin, we took the boat to Skradinski Buk.
When we bought our tickets, it was pointed out to us that some of the paths in the park were flooded due to the persistent rain, which had been going on for weeks, and that we were in danger of getting our feet wet… However, we were wearing sturdy alpine hiking boots, with which we had already crossed many shallow mountain streams, so this warning didn’t frighten us much.

So we had a great day in the national park, sometimes wading through ankle-deep water, but still taking off our Goretex boots to climb a long staircase through which the water rushed as the adjacent waterfall could no longer cope with the amount of rain. Sometimes we were knee-deep in water.

You couldn’t see much of the elegant waterfalls falling in filigree lines through the mossy rocks. Almost unimaginable masses of water transformed the picture-postcard landscapes you see in any tourist guidebook into tumultuous rivers.

By the afternoon, it was already clear that the maximum level of the streams had not yet been reached!

We didn’t feel like waiting for the boat in the rain for the return journey and preferred to walk to Skradin. We were wet anyway…

But still… a great day.

Malheureusement, les jours suivants, nous n’avons pas pu visiter le parc national de Krka depuis les points d’accès situés plus au nord. En raison des masses d’eau, Krka est resté fermé au public pendant +- deux semaines !

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