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Fuorcla Starlera and Fuorcla da Saletscha

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Blick auf die Fuorcla Saletscha und Piz Grisch
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Fuorcla Starlera / Wissberg

Fuorcla Starlera, hike around Piz Mez

From the Radons car park (you have to pay the fee at the ticketmachine a few kilometers before coming to Radons) we take the marked path into Val Curtegns to Fuorcla Starlera. From the pass we follow a path to the right towards Fuorcla Saletscha. Point 2752 m is well worth a detour. From the Fuorcla Saletscha a recent signposting brings us back to more or less visible paths towards Val Schmorras and Radons. This part of the hike might be tiresome, not only the first path being a bumpy, muddy hike in washed-out cow track, but from Alp Schmorras you follow a seemingly endless cartrack to Radons.

Radons is not accessible by car in winter! You could take the bus.

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