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Henry, the Samoyed

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Célia adopted the Samoyed Henry in mid-June 2020 at Samoyed in need .
The dog came from Bulgaria with the help of the registered association, where it was picked up as a sick street dog and given medical care. Due to the corona, the journey of the approximately one-year-old animal to Düsseldorf was not without problems, the restrictions on the journey Switzerland-Germany-Switzerland delayed the adoption of the Samoyed male for a few more weeks.

Now he lives with Célia in Davos … A life at 1500 m above sea level as well as a lot of nature in the Graubünden mountains offer an ideal habitat for a dog that belongs to Siberia in terms of breed. He feels really comfortable in the winter months as well as in the summer on the firn fields in the high mountains.

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