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The Minett … Eisekaul – Lalléngerbierg

December 6th, 2021, St. Nicholas Day (Kleesechersdaag)

Like the children, getting up early in the morning to see what beautiful things St. Nicholas has brought …

The premonition, that only bad weather would be on the program again, seemed to be confirmed, when we left the house to our usual walking tour in a Minett region. But shortly before we parked the car at Place Pierre Ponath, we realized, that it might not have been be wrong to bring the camera …

Eiselkaul Esch sur Alzette
Eisekaul Esch 0110
Road to Eisekaul

The weather improved rapidly: the top three pictures were taken in the Eisekaul (Esch-sur-Alzette) within three minutes, walking distance probably less than 200 m.

But the joy was very short-lived … an hour later on the Lalléngerbierg (like the area around the Eisekaul, also an open-cast mining area for the mining of the red iron ore Minettw, which has long been closed).

Lallengerbierg Nebel

More photos November 29th, 2021

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