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Bab’n Ali

Fascinating rock formations north of N’Kob are very reminiscent of Death Valley… With the difference: hardly known, therefore fewer tourists. We were there at sunrise and sunset, hiked around Bab’n Ali and were always alone.

Legend has it that the slimmer rock (to the south) is Ali, who lived with his wife, the stockier rock next to him. But the two quarrelled, the woman left him and is now standing a few hundred metres away. She took the children (the smaller rocks next to her) with her.
Since then, the two have had no more contact. The gate (Bab), or rather the pass between them, is closed.

But not only Bab’n Ali is worth a hike from the accommodation along the road. The track that branches off to the left of the road (coming from N’Kob) is also worthwhile. After a few hundred metres the track forks: to the left it goes up to Ali, saving you about half an hour’s walking time, to the right you continue on a sometimes very narrow, bad track (a sturdy off-road vehicle is certainly not a bad idea) to a small school. It is best to leave the car there and continue walking. Good views of the “Elephant Rock” in the distance, but also of other fantastic rock formations.

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