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National Parc Plitvice Lakes


The Plitvice lakes are one of Croatia’s main attractions, and not just since the film adaptation of Winnetou and the celebrity that the Silver Lake – with or without its treasure – has brought to viewers.

In usually sunny regions such as Tuscany and the Adriatic coast, a rainy spring in 2023 was certainly not the best starting point for a visit to the Plitvice lakes. Fortunately, for once, the weather god was in a good mood and the day after our arrival, perfectly acceptable weather was on the forecast.

It wasn’t a bad decision to arrive at the national park entrance at the opening hour, 8 am. In the early hours you can still take photos without being disturbed. After 10 o’clock, it becomes difficult for experienced photographers to get to the most interesting spots…

Most of the time, you have to stand on wooden walkways and you can only place your tripod on these wooden planks. Every movement, every step within a radius of 100 m shakes the tripod, and the long-exposure photo is inevitably blurred…

After half past ten, eleven o’clock, hordes of tourists move in pairs, side by side, 30 cm apart from the person in front of them and the one behind them, along the waterfalls. It is no longer possible to take photos. Well, you can take a few acceptable souvenir photos here and there with your smartphone…

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