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From Naz (near Preda) to Furtschela Tschitta

The parking a few hundred meters below Preda, directly opposite the underpass under the rail RhB route Bergün – Preda – Spinas – Bever.

First, a forest path goes uphill, along the Rabigiugsa river, later, after the path to Lei Negr branches off to the left and we take the hiking path straight to Furtschela Tschitta, we meet the stream again, which is now called Ava da Tschitta.

The views of the streams alone are worth the hike, even if you no longer want to undertake the very steep ascent (which, however, presents no further difficulties) from the flatter alpine meadows (2300 m above sea level).

the view from the Furtschela Tschitta is absolutely great!

and well worth the effort!

The dragon like rock Cartans during our ascent
Piz Kesch Uertsch 8710
Slightly under the Furtschela Tschitta, view to the east, from left to right Piz Kesch, Piz Üertsch, the Albula pass road, behind it
on the very horizon the ice masses of the Ortler and on the right edge of the picture the Monte Cevedale
Piz Kesch 6755
Piz Kesch

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