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Northern Lights in and around Ersfjorden

We where again lucky on two other nights.

The first 4 shots have been taken in Ersfjordbotn, one day earlier than the full moon night, the other a few days earlier on the road to Sommarøya with views to the mountains illuminated by street lights of Ersfordbotn.

Northern Lights

Chasing Northern Lights is always an exciting thing to do. First: Look out the window… Are the a lot of clouds? Or do we have a clear sky? The effects on solar winds produce auroras at 80 to 150 km, so low hanging clouds make it impossible to see them, even if they are there.

But even if the sky clears up, northern lights aren’t granted for…

This evening, we had been lucky!

Nordlichter – Herbst 2015


Nordlichter Anfang Herbst in Ballangen, Norwegen