Our last tour on snowshoes is Skulgamtinden on Ringvassøya island. We park the car along the road 863, near Gårdselva.

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Right from there the route starts straight upwards, between
Gammelgårdsfjellet and point 328 m, then to the top at 824 m: Skulgamtinden. Snowdrifts at the northeastern side of Skulgamtinden are hudge! Now we have to be carefull to cross the last 100 meters of the ridge. Although both side where steep, and avalanche risk is to be considered, we have a space about 8 to 10 meters, large enough to cross over to the view point.

Stunning view to Kløftinden and Breifjellet!

Makfjellet, Ringvassøya

20190310Kvaloya DSC9731 Pano

First we intended to climb on snow shoes Breitinden, 860 m, on Ringvassøya island. But the steep climb from the power station along the water pipeline up to the dam was fare from easy with the 50 cm layer of fresh snow fallen over the last 24 hours. In fact, after a climb of 150 m we found, it would be to dangerous to continue. So we turned around and from the power station we took out for Makfjellet.
The first part was along the crouss country track to Ringvassbu, then up to Makenfjellet, where we got fantastic views of immaculate snow covered scenery.

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